Pain, Depression and Fatigue

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Pain, Depression and Fatigue

Pain, depression, and fatigue are prominent contributors to suffering of many cancer patients. Every year, cancer kills of severely debilitates millions of people worldwide. Symptoms such as depression, fatigue and cancer pain are often difficult to measure and quantify.

• Fatigue

• Pain

• Loss of appetite or anorexia

• Weight loss

Cancer is related with intractable and severe pain. This may be acute, chronic or tumor-specific pain or related to treatment of procedure. Pain is a major cause of impaired quality of life in patients with cancer, and intensifies the distress and suffering.

Inflammatory mediators associated with cancer include:
- Prostaglandins,

- Cytokines,

- Tumor Necrosis Fsactors,

- Interleukins,

- Growth factors

and other tumor-derived chemicals that are known to cause pain. Pain may also occur due to the pressure applied by the cancer on surrounding organs.

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