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Seminar on Oncology At Mbingo Baptist Hospital

Seminar Theme : Understanding The Cancer Path Way

650 Participants

We are expecting over 650 participants from around the country who will partake in the Z-Cancer foundtion Oncology Seminar from both Patients to Guardians to the general public are all welcomed to this special seminars

24 Programs

We will be holding a 3 day seminar schedule which will feature 24 Programs and will cover various aspects of Cancer and its Relations so as to create more awareness to the societys .

11 Speakers

We've got a Team of 11 Trained and Profesoinal experts who will enlighten the society about Cancer

What to Know

Seminars in Cancer Biology is a review journal dedicated to keeping scientists informed of developments in the field of molecular oncology on a topic by topic basis. Each issue is thematic in approach, devoted to an important topic of interest to cancer biologists, from the underlying genetic and molecular causes of cellular transformation and cancer to the molecular basis of potential therapies. Every issue is edited by a guest editor or editors, an internationally acknowledged expert(s) in the field, and contains approximately eight to twelve authoritative invited reviews on different aspects of the subject area. The aim of each issue is to provide a coordinated, readable, and lively review of a selected area, published rapidly to ensure currency.

Topics that will be covered in the next issues are as follows:
• Role of glycation in different types of cancer • Immuno-Oncological Biomarkers • Epigenetics: solid tumors and haematological malignancies • Current Vision on target enzymes for cancer therapy • Translational Cancer Genomics • FOXO family in cancer • Emerging trends in biomarker discovery: ease of prognosis and prediction in cancer • Some chinks in Ras armor: novel cancer therapeutics on the horizon • Conference - Cancer Stem Cells: impact on treatment

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Cancer is when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way. Some cancers may eventually spread into other tissues. There are more than 200 different types of cancer. These are cells that rapidly divide without maturing there by producing a stack of unmature cells that form a cancerous tumore.

Curcumin is a natural plant-derived compound that has attracted a lot of attention for its anti-cancer activities. Curcumin can slow proliferation of and induce apoptosis in cancer cell lines, but the precise mechanisms of these effects are not fully understood. However, many lines of evidence suggested that curcumin has a potent impact on gene expression profiles; thus, functional genomics should be the key to understanding how curcumin exerts its anti-cancer activities. Here, we review the published functional genomic studies of curcumin focusing on cancer. Typically, a cancer cell line or a grafted tumor were exposed to curcumin and profiled with microarrays, methylation assays, or RNA-seq. Crucially, these studies are in agreement that curcumin has a powerful effect on gene expression. In the majority of the studies, among differentially expressed genes we found genes involved in cell signaling, apoptosis, and the control of cell cycle. Curcumin can also induce specific methylation changes, and is a powerful regulator of the expression of microRNAs which control oncogenesis. We also reflect on how the broader technological progress in transcriptomics has been reflected on the field of curcumin. We conclude by discussing the areas where more functional genomic studies are highly desirable. Integrated OMICS approaches will clearly be the key to understanding curcumin’s anticancer and chemopreventive effects. Such strategies may become a template for elucidating the mode of action of other natural products; many natural products have pleiotropic effects that are well suited for a systems-level analysis.

Caring for a person with cancer may seem complex and like too much to cope with at first. Depending on the person's needs, you may provide different types of support. This may include:
Emotional support
Help with medical care
Assistance with financial and insurance issues
Serving as the communicator between the patient and the health care team


We will be so delighted to welcome you to our monthly seminars in the Northwest region and it will be holding in Kom Village at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital

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Hall 250, Mbingo Baptist Hospital

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