Z-Cancer Foundation is a Cameroon Cancer organization which helps to create cancer awareness for every class of people in the society and help support the less privilege who can’t help fund their cancer treatments. Z-Cancer foundation is there to create this awareness using both high tech measures and local measures for information to reach out to as many people as possible so as the reduce the number of cancer patients and cancer deaths every day in our society.

At Z-Cancer Foundation our aim is to help reduce cancer mortality rate in Cameroon Africa and the world. Founded on the 15th of July 2016, Z-Cancer Foundation has as principal objectives to create cancer awareness, support and advocate. With the ever changing global landscape and the continuous dependence of world systems on computer assistance, Z-Cancer Foundation makes it a point of duty to create this awareness using the possible technology means and to keep strength communication between our medical recipient and the oncologist. We have a great desire in educating theRural community and the Cameroonian youths of today who are the future of our nation alongside solving problems faced by these cancer cases we have in our community.

At Z-Cancer Foundation , our policy is to ensure that our services and measures we take to help enlighten the society about cancer awareness do not only help the rural community but every one in every nation across the surface of the earth. Our mobile and web software are there to help these patients or guardians keep track of their basic medical reports and bridge the long gap between these patients or cancer recipients with their specific doctors. We have a media platform that helps to these patients understand these resources that will be uploaded as post which will go a long way to help create better awareness via technology.


• At Z-Cancer foundation we support the rural woman and community who are not able to sponsor the expensive cancer treatment in Africa.

• To reduce cancer mortality in the African society. Z-Cancer Foundation does this by providing them with by creating shows, magazines programs, holding campaign retro, and with our mobile and web software we create better unique platform to spread the message of cancer awareness.

• To increase Cancer awareness in Cameroon, Africa and the World at large. • It will help Patients remind them of their times of appointments.

• Our Outreach Programs will help create lots of cancer awareness in the society through our different social media’s and forms of awareness creation.

• Cancer awareness outreach we will be holding in schools from secondary to high school will help improve the knowledge of the youth sand their activities so as to create awareness in their minds and we tackle to reduce cancer mortality in their generation .

• Our radio programs will help reach out to may people in rural areas where the signals can reach so as to sensitize them on the awareness of cancer.

• Our outreach teams will be able to help and encourage cancer patients through our donation schemes and help to subsidize cancer treatment for the less privilege.

• Our Outreach teams will visit bus stations and hold meetings with them to teach them and create cancer awareness in their sector so as to help them be conscious of the adverse effects of their occupation in the long run and help reduce their risk of having cancer.

• Our seminar schemes and cancer related conferences will help both medical practitioners and the lay man know what cancer is in their different fields and help them tackle and reduce cancer mortality in the next generation of our society.

• Testimonial panel will help encourage other cancerous patients who will come and read the testimonies of others.

• The Daily tips messaging system will help patients to get encouraged by the words they will be receiving from Doctors. • The patients profiling will help the Doctors keep track of the basic problems the patient faces even if the patient goes to any part of the country.

Also the different data that the patient will input on the different data tracking will also help their doctors monitor the patients on daily bases and study the report they get from it to keep track of how the patient is fairing.

• The Healthy Living Panel will help synthesis the patients on the different types of diet that will help boost their immune systems.

• The causes of different cancer panels will help tell the users or synthesize them on the different causes of the various forms of cancer, just to create awareness.

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If Care Is not Taken An Estimated 1 billion People Will Die From Cancer Before The End Of The 21st Century